Brooklyn v. BROADWAY boogie-woogie/B-Cinderlla

Brooklyn, a bay filly out of B-Cinderella, is by BROADWAY boogie-woogie. She is proof that the little bit of appaloosa blood does not ruin a solid born spotted Holsteiner!! Brooke is fancy, well muscled and quite talented. I expect her to be a working hunter and possibly a hunter derby horse some day. She's very brave and careful. Her evening antics are always a pleasure. She checks in at the gate just to make sure we are watching.

Her dam, B-Cinderella is bred back to Saluut II for 2010.

Stam 5585
Born: June 25, 2009



95.6% Hol/xx and 4.4% appaloosa

BROADWAY boogie-woogie Locksley Spotlight Churchill Cor de la Bryere
Ellis v. Magister
Miss T Damae Everett's Son xx
Misty Britches - 30% xx, TB female family
Frascati Fasolt Farnese
Miss Ree Ree xx Crozelian Hero xx
Little Rock xx
B-Cinderella Corleone Caletto II Cor de la Bryere
Deka v. Consul v. Cottage Son xx
Elite II Farnese
Wuestenroth v. Cottage Son xx
Lamre Romanow Ramiro v. Raimond -- Cottage Son xx
Laute v. Fanatiker
Angelia Colombo v Cottage Son xx
Ahme v. Freischaerler


Pictures July 30




only 4% appaloosa blood!

AHHA approvals 2009

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