American Girl at 2 weeks of age

Registries: AHHA CP

Sire: R-Saluut II
Stam: 5585
Year Born: 2008
Color: chestnut to shed grey

Sire, Saluut II won over 20 Grand Prix and earned over $400,000 with owner Margie Engle. He was AGA Horse of the Year, member of many Nations Cup Teams and held the record fo rmost money won 2 years in a row. Saluut II is now 28 years and still catching his mares easily on site yet there may not be many more fillies as fabulous as this to come.

American Girl crosses two sire lines of international credentials. Not only Saluut II but also dam sire line of Chin-Chin who was 5th in Seoul individual jumpers for Mexico. He stood at VDL Stud in Holland for $5,000/frozen semen with no live foal guarantee.

Grand dam, B-Cinderella, is a Holsteiner Verband state premium mare of 48 pts; mare tested as well. Her stam produces good competition horses for all types of riders, inculding amateurs and juniors. She is of Corleone's first foal crop and also up in age now. American Girl could easily be mistaken as a foal of B-Cinderella directlyl.

American Girl has 6 crosses to Cottage Son xx, 2 crosses to Cor de la Bryere and 3 crosses to Ramzes with a solid base through out of foundation Holsteiner blood. Bred to jump Grand Prix, this filly is also pretty enough for the hunters and has a lovely temperament.

12k weaned at 6 months

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American Girl R-Saluut II Rebell Z Ramiro Z Raimond Ramzes
Adrette Heilbutt
Elma Fanfar Fasching
Austria Consul v Cottage Son xx
Udulia Rigoletto Ramzes Rittersporn xx
Jordi ox
Idee Logarithmus
Pedulia Marco Polo Poet xx
Dulia Bladewijn


CHINN Champagne Chin-Chin Constant
Laresse v. Farnesse
Autholocity xx
(AHHA approved)
In Reality
Frascati Fasolt Farnese
Miss Ree Ree xx Crozelian Hero xx
Little Rock xx
B-Cinderella Corleone Caletto II Cor de la Bryere
Deka v. Consul v. Cottage Son xx
Elite II Farnese
Wuestenroth v. Cottage Son xx
Lamre Romanow Ramiro v. Raimond -- Cottage Son xx
Laute v. Fanatiker
Angelia Colombo v Cottage Son xx
Ahme v. Freischaerler


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only 4% appaloosa blood!

AHHA approvals 2009

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