Cappy in his new field

Registries: AHHA CP
Stam: 5585
Color: dark seal brown with blanket and black spots

Captain America 'Cappy' is a one of a kind world wide stud colt born this year out of the 48 pt States Premium Imported HOL mare B-Cinderella and by BROADWAY boogie-woogie, sire line Cor de la Bryere.

Cor de la Bryere x 2, Cottage Son x4, 'F' line x 4 in 5 generation view (more deeper in pedigree) and a German stam are the basis for a great sport horse and sire. THis colt will be raised to breed the next generation of HOL mares, producing color with only a 2% outcross.

Cappy showed his mental aptitude at 1 month, long lining on a single rein/lead with a right and left turn. A cluck springs him from behind with a light yet animated and engaged step into the hand without a hard drag. His sensitivity and willingness to learn combined with a strong type and elastic ability to cover the ground make him one to watch for as the years come.

Stud fee reservation is $1,250.00.

Appaloosa Sport Horse

Captain America

95.6% Hol/xx and 4.4% appaloosa

BROADWAY boogie-woogie Locksley Spotlight Churchill Cor de la Bryere
Ellis v. Magister
Miss T Damae Everett's Son xx
Misty Britches - 30% xx, TB female family
Frascati Fasolt Farnese
Miss Ree Ree xx Crozelian Hero xx
Little Rock xx
B-Cinderella Corleone Caletto II Cor de la Bryere
Deka v. Consul v. Cottage Son xx
Elite II Farnese
Wuestenroth v. Cottage Son xx
Lamre Romanow Ramiro v. Raimond -- Cottage Son xx
Laute v. Fanatiker
Angelia Colombo v Cottage Son xx
Ahme v. Freischaerler

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Cappy's photo gallery:

only 4% appaloosa blood!

AHHA approvals 2009

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