Byacinthe v. Saluut II - Nyacinthe II


stam 242

Saluut II Saluut (Rebell) HOL Ronald Ramiro Raimond
Adrette Heilbutt
Elma Fanfar Fasching
Austria Consul
Udulia WPN Rigoletto Ramzes Rittersporn
Idee Logarithmus
Pedulia Marco Polo Poet
Dullia WPN Baldewijn
Udda D
Nyacinthe II Indorado Corrado CordelaBryere Rantzau xx
Soleil Capitol I
Aida Ahorn Z Alme Z
Tresse Caletto I
Gyazinthe Belfalas xx Blakeney xx Hethersett xx
Windmill Girl xx
Quarterings xx Princely Gift xx
Fouri xx
M.Hyazinthe Ladykiller xx Sailing Light xx
Lone Beech xx
Alpenblume Fasching

Nyacinthe II (dam) was World Cup qualified.


Gyazinthe is dam of Ayazinthe v.Tenerife VDL, Cantatus B bayern ster v.Cantus, Ontario
v.Darco, Sillacinthe VDL v.Indorado SO 1.30, Trustful G v.Corland, Urgent v.Mezcalero, Vedette G v.Hold Up.

M Hyazinthe is a representative of the Holsteiner stamm 242, known for producing excellent performance horses. Hyazinthe is a member of the Diastolchen branch and single-handedly brought stamm 242 to the Netherlands. In addition to Ahorn, Hyazinthe also produced the approved stallions Denver and Good Line.

Alpenblume is a direct daughter of Diastolchen, the founding mare of the Diastolchen branch of Holsteiner stamm 242. Diastolchen produced the stallions Laertes and Anklang, as well as the mare Ulana. Ulana (Anblick xx/Loretto), a full sister to Anklang, went on to produce the Consul son Joost, Mannerheim (v. Rushing Water xx) and the Cromwell son Colt (grand sire sire of VDL Chin-Chin) . Ulana’s daughter, Nirza, was a successful driving horse under the name Noblesse before producing the stallion Alcatraz.

Byacinthe is available for sale: $20,000.00






only 4% appaloosa blood!

AHHA approvals 2009

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