C-Picasso v. CHINN - Locksley Spotlight

Registries: PHR,
Height: 16.2 hands

C-Picasso was injured in the field at just 4 years. He survived 2 knock down surgeries and 5 standing surgeries over 5 weeks in the hospital. He made strong progress over a few years but arthritis is slowly taking him back. Cloverlone will breed him to an Indorado (stam 242) mare and a Saluut II (stam XXXX) mare this year in hopes of an heir for future breeding.

The VDL Chin-Chin sire line shows up strongly in C-Picasso though he is a great grandson. His bravery and powerful build are very directly related to this sire line. Having bred and owned stallions all the way back to Chin-Chin himself, I have been able to follow their types and temperaments for over 20 years. The stallions are high hormone, yes. But the fillies and geldings can not be compaired in temperament. They will learn anything as a 'trick' to please and follow you around like a golden retriever. Quite a few will fetch! Soft feed tubs are a favortie toy and end up on pasture mates backs until bucked off.. and replaced once again to continue the game.

With VDL Chin-Chin's passing and the aging of Champagne and CHINN, there is less and less opportunity for this sire line for a reasonable price. C-Picasso brings in Locksley Spotlight's blood and color from his dam, White Shoulders. C-Picasso's bone is very generous and tendons tough; especially considering his permanent injuries. He would have been a jumper if he had the chance.

C-Picasso's full sibling is Miss Julia, owned by Carl and Linda Pheiffer of Blacskburg, VA. Her rider started training her as a junior rider and worked up to prelim with trainer Jimmy Wofford in Middleburg, Va. They earned many great ribbons.

C-Picasso's half siblings by sire:

  • cZappa, a junior jumper and once owned/ridden by Melissa Rivers, was nicknamed 'the jumping fool' while in Todd Minikus' barn. He is currently a successful junior jumper in NC.
  • cZildjian, childrens hunter/equitation horse, was reserve or champion every show out in 2003. He was also Champion SWVHJA Adult Medal and Reserve Champion SWVHJA Junior Medal on the same night. A complete character and was always the center of attention.
  • Pristine - A lovely broodmare with Cloverlone. Would have made a beautiful junior hunter.
  • Cezanne - Junior's dressage and jumper mount. Many time champion no matter the division entered. A genuine horse with a heart for pleasing.


2009 Stud Fee:$1,250.00

CHINN Champagne VDL Chin-Chin
Autholocity xx
Frascati Fasolt
Miss Ree Ree xx
White Shoulders Locksley Spotlight Churchill
Miss T Damae
Stone Quiz Money's Creek Gemstone
Money's Creek Roman Quiz v. Hay Roman xx

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only 4% appaloosa blood!

AHHA approvals 2009

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