'Spotted Holsteiner' Collection:

BROADWAY boogie-woogie v. Locksley Spotlight
- Frascati v. Fasolt. Ridden by Liz Fitzgerald.

Locksley Spotlight v. Churchill - Miss T Damae. Ridden by Gail Guirreri-Maslyk

Captain America v. BROADWAY boogie-woogie
- B-Cinderella v. Corleone


C-Picasso v. CHINN
- White Shoulders
v. Locksley Spotlight

White Shoulders
v. Locksley Spotlight

VicTaurus v. Livingstone v. Landgraf
- White Shoulders
v. Locksley Spotlight


Foundation Mare, Frascati v. Fasolt

Frascati can be found in most Cloverlone Broodmare Farm's pedigrees. She was bred to Champagne the first two years to produce CHINN and Caroline. Then she was bred to Locksley Spotlight for 3 foals: Camille, Chappie's Choice and BROADWAY. She has also had 2 foals by Caracas, Carona and Conda. At 28 years of age she is retired to caring for the youngsters, many her grandchildren.

Frascati v. Fasolt at the age of 16

CHINN ridden in early 1990's by Dr. Scott Morrison



Cloverlone's foundations

The first herd of breeding stock included three horses to stand out as foundations in Cloverlone's future:

  • Champagne v. Chin-Chin - Autholocity xx (Hol stallion)
  • Locksley Spotlight v. Churchill - Miss T Damae (Spotted Holsteiner stallion, 17.5% appaloosa)
  • Frascati v. Fasolt - Miss Ree Ree xx. (Hol mare)


The pedigree of one or more of these first three horses can be found in all of Cloverlone's foals to this day.

Champagne may still be the only stallion in America by Chin-Chin, 5th individual jumpers for Mexico at the Seoul Olympics. Champagne still stands stud with Joan Irvine Smith at The Oaks in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. He has produced many IJF champions and is also sire of Cloverlone bred Chamois. Chamois - Flighty Birthday xx was Joe Montanna's show hunter. Champagne is also the sire of Cloverlone's stallion CHINN and his full sister, Caroline who is a successful IJF broodmare at The Oaks. Both CHINN and Caroline are out of Cloverlone's Frascati.

Locksley Spotlight passed away in 1995. Cloverlone stands his son, BROADWAY boogie-woogie and grandson, C-Picasso. Captain America v. Broadway - B-Cinderella v. Corleone (stam 5585) was born in 2008 and will stand stud to a few select mares in 2010.


Cloverlone Broodmare Farm's History

Gail Guirreri-Maslyk began her breeding career with the help of Nicki Jung at Locksley. She was lucky enough to own Champagne when Chin-Chin went to the Seoul Olympics for Mexico. He was and still may be the only Chin-Chin stallion in the country. Joan Irvine Smith of The Oaks in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. purchased Champagne but not before he had sired a number of foals.

Gail moved to Blacksburg to attend Va Tech and shortly therafter began working with Dr. William B. Ley, board certified therio specialist at VMRCVM. He was attending veterinarian to Cloverlone for 10 years of successful stallion collections, mare breeding and foaling. He was also responsible for starting an advanced reproductive lab - The CREATE lab. This lead to many creative ideas for Gail's future in breeding. The Mare Loan TM developed and all of Cloverlone's foals were sold prior to breeding. The purpose of the Mare Loan TM was to improve stam/female line availability to stallion owners with utmost efficiency in expenses. It is actually cheaper and less risk to breed by Mare Loan TM than it is to purchase and breed your own mares.

In the summer of 2008, Gail moved her breeding farm to Middleburg, VA. With all her family in northern Virginia, it was time to come back to where everything had begun. Blacksburg is a great community but lacking in horse country. Cloverlone's private facility is located just behind where she worked for Mike Elmore in the early 90's. The new reproductive facilty is located on Atoka Rd. Fences are board enforced with elctric for the jumpers. The barn is stunning.

Champagne v. Chin-Chin and Arsia Ardalan

Chin-Chin was 5th individual jumpers at Seoul Olympics


only 4% appaloosa blood!

AHHA approvals 2009

Cloverlone's Photo Gallery

Original Equestrian Oil Paintings by Gail Guirreri-Maslyk